Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quick Jambalaya (Recipe)

My family adored the jambalaya we had for dinner (leftover dinner, actually) last night. It's quick to make, easy to do, and fairly affordable if you save your leftovers. I figured since it was such a big hit last night (and the night before), I should share my easy recipe.


Spicy Italian Sausage - It comes in 'rings' here, we generally use around a pound of it, cut into small chunks or de-skinned and ground up
Chicken Sausage - I found a delicious 'Cajun' sausage here, cut into small chunks.
Chicken Breast - Boneless skinless works great, but any old leftover chicken will do, again, chunk it up.
Shrimp - I generally use the cheapest stuff I can get, but I add in around 3 cups worth, tail-less, and preferably pre-cooked
Cayenne Pepper - 1 tsp (to taste)
Tomato Paste - 1 can
Garlic - 4 cloves, crushed.
Onion - 1/2 -1 whole onion, diced (to taste)
Green Pepper - 1 whole, diced
Water - around 1 cup
Instant Rice - I use the 'cook in pouch' kind, but you can use whatever kind you like. People have different rice preferences, so we make ours seperately.

Directions -

Seperate pre-cooked meats, vegetables & seasonings, and un-cooked meat.
Cut raw meat & toss into large 'dutch oven'. Cook with lid on while cutting other meats.
Cut and add in vegetables (including garlic, onion, and green pepper), then pre-cooked meats.
Cover with lid and cook until all meat is cooked through.
Add tomato paste, water, and seasonings.
Cook an additional 10 minutes or so.

Serves a whole army!

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